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A Child's Garden of Peace, Puebla, Mexico


The name Susila Dharma combines two Sanskrit words, which together mean ‘guided from within to take action in the world’.

What is Susila Dharma?

Susila Dharma is the humanitarian arm of the international spiritual association Subud. It supports the charitable initiatives of Subud members. Although rooted in the spiritual guidance and inspiration that Subud members feel, Susila Dharma projects are supported by and involve collaboration with many agencies, groups and individuals outside the Subud association, and are always subject to the normal governance and regulations of charities in the countries in which it operates. We welcome your involvement and support, whether you are a member of Subud or not.

Our purpose

We are an enabler of the ideas and motivations of Subud members in all their glorious diversity. We are not led by a single shared mission. Instead we offer a platform for people to act from their inner impulses for the good of humanity.

Our work

Faced with suffering, want and injustice, we choose to act from what is good within each of us, and support each other in doing so.

Where our projects come from

There is no template for a Susila Dharma project. Susila Dharma springs from the initiative, courage and inner guidance of its members, expressing their compassion and conviction.

Our projects

Many of the projects we support are well-established and recognised, dating back several decades and attracting funding from the likes of the UNICEF, the German Government Aid Agency (BMZ) and the Clinton Foundation. Some are smaller and more recent, still driven by the enterprise and commitment of one or two people. All are strongly locally rooted and dedicated to empowering those who they work with and for.

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