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We hope that reading about our projects has inspired you to act! There are several ways you can get involved to support our projects and the people who run them.


We would be thrilled if you would like to raise funds for Susila Dharma and our projects. Our fundraising page and downloadable pack gives you ideas, support and suggestions for how to go about this.

More details about fundraising


You may prefer to volunteer in support of Susila Dharma. This might be for a specific cause or project, or more generally for the charity as a whole. We are always keen to hear from people who would like to assist us in our work as trustees.


Perhaps you feel inspired to start your own project? You can talk to us about your ideas and we can support you in starting up. We offer small start-up grants as well as advice from an experienced board of charity trustees. We might be able to put you in touch with mentors and collaborators in the field, since there are a good number of projects out there and plenty of experienced people in the Susila Dharma world who might have a good piece of advice.

Contact us for advice


Perhaps you are inspired to make some art or something that could support us in our work? You might write songs or poems or have made a picture that is inspired by Susila Dharma, or something that has moved you to express yourself. Let us know, we might be able to use it in some interesting way.

You may have a talent in project evaluation or report writing that could support our projects. Or you might be good at accounts or marketing. We can connect you with projects that could use your help.

Contact us to offer your direct support

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