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Human Force camp at Yayasan Permakultur Kalimantan


Susila Dharma Britain is proud to run a charity in which 90.5% of our income is channelled directly to the projects we support. 5% of our income funds project monitoring and evaluation, and the remaining 4.5% covers governance, accounting and administration by our volunteer board members.


There are several ways you can donate to support our work:

  • ​Leave a bequest by instructing your solicitor to include your gift to Susila Dharma Britain in your will.


Don’t forget if you are a taxpayer to indicate this where required on the form or the website, doing so will allow us to increase your donation by 25p for every pound you donate, giving more to the cause you support.

Please note that SDB prefers donations to be made to our general fund wherever possible, because this allows us the flexibility to respond most effectively to the needs of all our projects. However if you do wish to make a donation to a specific project, you need to be aware of some conditions and constraints around this. We invite you to refer to our policy on earmarked donations in this instance, and contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page if you still wish your donation to be earmarked.

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