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Anisha School Kitchen Garden



The beautiful world in which we live is truly amazing in all its diversity and abundance. How lucky we are to be part of it, to experience the warm sunlight, the cleansing rain, the pure air, the rich soil, the incredible plants and animals around us. How baffling that it can continue to evolve and change all the time, working in its intricate cycles. Yet nature can be harsh and uncompromising sometimes, with climatic conditions that make survival extremely difficult.

However it is clear from human patterns of development over the last century alone how devastating the effects are that we can have on our natural environment. Little by little we are encroaching on more of the wild places that support us and we are negatively affecting the delicate balance that exists between all living things to keep the Earth going. We lose more and more species even before we have had a chance to discover them and fully understand them. We endanger the finite store of resources and pollute the environment in which we live with our waste and industry.


It would be easy to become disillusioned in the face of this and give up. Yet it takes courage to stand up and care for the environment, and try to make a small but significant change to work with nature and sustain healthy human life on this planet, in harmony with our surroundings, not in conflict.

There are such courageous examples within the world, and Susila Dharma is proud to support them in their endeavours. Conserving endangered ecosystems, promoting sustainable food production and soil preservation, encouraging positive and peaceful gardening.

Human Force at YPK
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Anisha Schools Kitchen Garden
Human Force at YPK
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