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YUM Cipanas Elderly Clinic



It's easy to take our health for granted, especially in prosperous parts of the world, where we have access to reasonable health care, and our standards of living allow for a sense of well-being and comfort.

For large numbers of people around the globe this simply isn't a reality. Every day is a struggle for survival, with challenges to be overcome to find clean water to drink, and enough food to eat and maintain decent nutrition for healthy growth and development. This is often exascerbated in regions of conflict and deprivation.

Inevitably there are more vulnerable sectors of the population: babies, children, mothers and the elderly, who often struggle to look after themselves and fall victim to disease, malnutrition, neglect and abuse.

In the wealthier parts of the world, where one might expect to see better health in populations, there are problems of overindulgence and addiction, disillusionment and self-harm, and levels of stress and anxiety that seem insurmountable.

With all these challenges, Susila Dharma is lucky to support some wonderful projects in the field of health and wellbeing, from small hospitals and health centres in Africa to a home for old people with dementia in Colombia.

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