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YUM Kalimantan



Everyone needs good education to be able to realise their true potential in life, to be fulfilled and give back something useful to their community. We might be naturally gifted with a particular talent but if nobody can help us nurture it, it could easily go wasted and unused.

The world needs educated people to solve complicated problems that challenge us and our environment. Many of us take education for granted, but for a huge number of people around the world, good education remains a dream, something too costly or just unavailable because they may be needed to earn a living without having a chance to study.


In Susila Dharma we are pleased to be able to support some great projects in the education and training fields, that enable children, young people and adults to better themselves and achieve something that they can be proud of, to raise their standard of living, and become human beings of good standing and character.

Anisha Schools Kitchen Garden
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