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Matthew is an expert in digital media strategy and content whose sector interests include strong focus and experience in learning and international development. A music graduate, Matthew started his career in Radio 3 before moving over into Internet work in the early days of the worldwide web’s mainstream adoption. Since leaving the BBC in 2009 he has run his own consultancy working for a range of world-class clients in broadcast, arts, higher education and international development. He has always believed that the most meaningful change to humanity starts from the spiritual development of individuals, and sees Susila Dharma as excellent evidence of this in practice. He lives in south-east London with his wife and two sons.


Elliot has worked in the events industry for over 25 years as a project manager and consultant, leading high-profile international events, corporate experiences and brand activations. He is also a property professional with a passion for creating high-end homes and communities. Elliot has been involved in Subud since he was a child, and Susila Dharma has always interested him, leading him to become a trustee in 2022. Elliot loves sports and has a passion for travel and languages. He lives with his wife in Lewes.


Vincent has been a practising landscape architect since 1996, with experience working on many community and public realm improvement projects in Britain. His work focuses on connecting people and their natural environment. He’s travelled widely and is happily married with four children. He started working for Susila Dharma Britain in 2014, and was Chair for 5 years. In 2019 he joined the Susila Dharma International Board, working to create a stronger network around the world. He is keen to encourage people in their courageous efforts in the humanitarian field to make a difference in their communities.

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