Vincent Mount

Vincent is a practising landscape architect with over 20 years in the field, working in the UK, USA and Colombia. He has design and project management skills that have enabled him to carry out and deliver projects from inception all the way to implementation, including many community and public realm improvements. He’s travelled widely and is happily married with four children. He's a keen musician and songwriter. He has volunteered and managed volunteers through his work, has been an active Subud member and helper for many years, and has been coordinator of family activities and several congress programmes for youth activities. His interest in Susila Dharma is in building links with other wings of Subud, engaging young people, and becoming more active together to raise the profile of humanitarian projects around the world. He is keen to encourage people in their creative and courageous efforts.


Maurice left school at 16 to work in numerous jobs until attending college in the 70s and becoming a primary school teacher. Over the years he has worked at schools in London, Banbury, Newcastle and Norwich. In 1996 he moved with his wife to Gateshead where he began working at a special school (speech and language) and after retiring in 2015 was employed by the Home Tuition Service, mostly teaching excluded teenagers. He now devotes his time to writing (songs, poetry, novels, etc) and performing in folk clubs. A couple of years ago he helped organise concerts with local musicians to raise money for asylum seekers and refugees in Newcastle.


Emily is a professional artist, painting landscapes in oils from life and travelling widely to take part in events and competitions. Originally from Portsmouth, she studied art at Aberystwyth University in Wales. She spent the first half on her twenties living in a rural location in Greece, and on her return worked as an artist’s assistant in London. She is currently living back in Portsmouth with her family and her Greek rescue dog, and is continuing to build her career as an artist. She has always had a strong interest in the work of Susila Dharma and hopes that her passion for communicating the heart of matters she is interested in will inspire others to support and be involved in Susila Dharma’s projects.


Adela is a professional will-writer with a background in drama and theatre. She has worked in the educational field for many years, gaining valuable experience in grant writing and developing arts programmes with community groups. She is skilled in public speaking and presentations, and is helping Susila Dharma with its public relations and communications. Adela is very interested in sharing the story of the projects with the wider community. She's been a Subud member for 30 years, is married and enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband, family and friends.


Matthew is an expert in digital media strategy and content whose sector interests include strong focus and experience in learning and international development. A music graduate, Matthew started his career in Radio 3 before moving over into Internet work in the early days of the worldwide web’s mainstream adoption. Since leaving the BBC in 2009 he has run his own consultancy working for a range of world-class clients in broadcast, arts, higher education and international development. He has always believed that the most meaningful change to humanity starts from the spiritual development of individuals, and sees Susila Dharma as excellent evidence of this in practice. He lives in south-east London with his wife and two sons.