Borneo Football International Foundation - Indonesia

BFIF offers an integrated programme in a remote area of Indonesia to support the healthy development of children and young people through football. 

Opportunities for young people in Indonesia's Central Kalimantan are severely constrained by economic hardship. The minimum wage is well under $200 a month, and many students drop out of school for financial reasons, preferring to help their parents by starting work early. 

The Borneo Football International Foundation opened its academy in 2015 with just 14 children, providing not only a wide range of football activities but also health and educational programs. These children were eager to learn, and responded well to having structured training sessions and using English terms during the training. The project team found that using these language terms, related to the rules and basic concepts of the sport, is an effective way of reinforcing English language learning.

Students are also given worksheets to extend their English learning at home, before moving to a second stage of English learning supported by the YUM Vocational training centre, and complemented by Computer courses.

Word quickly spread in the local area, and by 2019, the Academy had 340 players including three all-girls teams, and reached more than 1000 students in local schools through football training, health and education programmes. The BFIF programme supports children to aspire to being good students and young people with strong ethics, helping them reach their highest potential. 

The Foundation is now working in several areas and collaborating with schools and the local Education Department. At their centre they have aspirations to build an artificial grass pitch for all-year use. 

Susila Dharma Britain has supported BFIF in recent years with grants to fund its language learning and nutritional programme, and during the COVID pandemic when BFIF used its network to provide emergency support to the students and their families. This developed into helping them sustain healthy exercise and continued learning at home whilst in the lockdown. BFIF have shown remarkable adaptability during a critical time to respond to the needs of the wider community and still carry out their mission of healthy living and education, and SDB is proud to continue to support them.