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Many of our projects are overseas, but the plight of refugees who have risked everything to escape from often desperate conditions and travel to Europe has presented Susila Dharma Britain with a challenge here on our doorstep.

We worked with members of the community in Lewes to provide support for unaccompanied children and winter shelters for refugees in ‘The Jungle’ in Calais until its closure in November 2016.

A number of members volunteered in The Jungle's Women and Children’s Centre, and in building wooden shelters supported by donations from the social enterprise Soup Aid, via SDB where home-made soups were provided in exchange for donations. This project was not only a lot of fun but provided Liz Clegg’s Women and Children’s Centre with essential support to feed young refugees and keep them safe from harm.​

We have also carried out fundraising on behalf of Safe Passage, a charity associated with Citizens UK which looks after the welfare of unaccompanied children, finding legal ways for them to enter the UK for their safety.

We are currently supporting Enthum House, a project that opened in summer 2018 to provide shelter and developmental, therapeutic and legal support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in East Sussex, UK.

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