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RSD Guelson - Angola


RSD Guelson harnesses the power of sport to build skills and self-esteem among young people and bring them together for positive activities.

Young people in the Kilamba Kiaxi neighbourhood of Luanda, Angola are at risk from anti-social, unhealthy and dangerous behaviours such as drug abuse, prostitution and gangsterism. Recreativo Social e Desportivo Guelson (RSD Guelson) was founded in 2010, in the heart of this community, in response to these problems. While RSD Guelson's focus is on sports - and giving young people something fun and constructive to do - it is more than just a sports academy: it works with young people to help them achieve their potential as human beings.

Through sports (football and handball, both national competition sports in Angola) young people can learn not only new technical skills but also wider skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and leadership, and come to feel like they have a second home or family they can count on.

The project has gone from strength to strength and now works with primary as well as high school children, girls as well as boys, and has opened a new vocational training centre. It has also expanded to work in other provinces, as well as being positively embraced by the local authorities in Kilamba Kiaxi as a force for good.


In 2021, Susila Dharma Britain provided support for RSD Guelson to open a vocational training centre, to address the resource gap that prevents so many young people from continuing their education or training. In the first phase of this project, RSD Guelson is providing training in applied computer technology, hairdressing and beauty treatment.

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